Blueberry Amber Liquid Honey - 100% Pure Canadian

100% Canadian Unpasteurized Pure Honey. Available Raw or Lightly Strained.

Our honey is unpasteurized or raw and is slowly strained to remove debris, rather than pressure filtered, in order to retain its natural sweet flavour and nutrients.

Honey is heated in order to improve shelf life and melt any tiny granulated crystals that may be present. It also kills yeast spores. Granulation occurs naturally over time and is perfectly normal. Immersing the jar in warm water will restore it to its liquid state. Pressure filtering removes pollen grains, which can be helpful in reducing allergy symptoms. It also removes the nutritional benefits of bee pollen.

Glass 1 kg $20.00
Glass 500 g $11.00
Glass 330 g $7.00
Glass 150 g $5.00
Plastic 1 kg $19.00
Plastic 500 g $10.50
Plastic Bear Squeeze $9.00