About Us

CowAt Fairhaven Farm, we believe that both livestock and crops are best raised as naturally as possible. We do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers on our fields; and our animals are not given antibiotics or hormones to accelerate their growth.

Our cattle graze in expansive pastures with access to the outdoors all year long; our free-range hens are given organic feed. They also love fruit & veggie treats from our organic garden and greenhouses.

By avoiding stressful, overcrowded, unnatural living conditions, we believe our animals are healthier - they certainly are happier!

Fairhaven is a 100 acre family-owned and operated farm in Erin, Ontario, less than an hour from Pearson Airport. We practise sustainable agriculture through mixed-use farming, offering beef, honey and eggs as well as seasonal produce. We take pride in our wholesome, quality food that is ethically produced for your family to enjoy.

Fairhaven Farm cutting hay